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Representation of CJSC “Group ZDRAVEXPORT” The Republic of Angola, Luanda city,70 Marshal B.Tito str. hereinafter referred to as “Administration”, represented by Director General Dalakian Gregory Gaykovich and citizen _____________
_____________________________________(passport series ________№ ________________, issued ______________
____________________________ ), residing at ___________________________________________________________, hereinafter referred to as “Health Worker” have entered into this contract as follows:

1. Subject
1.1. Administration and Health Worker have concluded this Contract that Administration assists health workers in his employment in one of the medical institutions in the Republic of Angola.
1.2. Basic working conditions in Angolan hospitals and health worker obligations are defined by Angolan Law № 39G/92 (Regulation on health workers) and set out in Annex № 1 hereto, which is an integral part thereof.

2. Obligations of the Parties
2.1. Pursuant to this Contract the Administration shall: Employ a Health Worker to work in the Angolan hospital ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
_______________________________as a doctor - ______________________________________ for at least 12 months;
2.1.2. Insure the Health Worker in the event of death or permanent disability during his/her stay in the Republic of Angola in the amount of 10,000 (ten thousand US dollars) in the first year by the employee, the second and subsequent - by the Administration.
2.1.3. Perform all formalities related to entry, stay and departure from the country of Health Worker, including entry and exit visas, work permits, etc.;
2.1.4. To organize a meeting and leaving of Health Worker at the airport of Luanda and transferring him/her to the main workplace in the Republic of Angola;
2.1.5. Agree with the Angolan Administration domestic and service issues for accommodation and performance of official duties, as well as health care and safety at the place of residence and work of the Health Worker;
2.1.6. Organize courses of initial study of Portuguese in Angola;
2.1.7. Prepare a set of necessary documents and organize the entry of Health Worker in the Angolan organization “Order of Doctors”;
2.1.8. Provide, if necessary, legal assistance during the stay of Health Worker in Angola;
2.1.9. In case of death of Health Worker in the Republic of Angola during the term of this Contract, the Administration will fulfill all necessary formalities and will provide transportation of the deceased to the place of his/her residence.

2.2. Health Worker is obliged to:
2.2.1. Continuously improve the knowledge of Portuguese language, followed by an examination after the first year of operation. Unsatisfactory result obtained in the exam is the grounds for termination of the contract.
2.2.2. Within the period of one year after termination of this Contract, not to enter into any other agreements or contracts with other Angolan or foreign companies operating in Angola, without the prior written consent of the Administration. Faithfully perform his/her duties, comply with the instructions of the hospital management, in which he/she will operate;
2.2.3. Provide practical and scientific assistance in training of medical personnel, certain hospital administration;
2.2.4. Observe the Angolan laws and regulations, as well as to guide by regulations and instructions, in the place of work;
2.2.5. Not to disclose official secrets, as well as information related to the performance of duties under the contract with the institution of health in Angola;
2.2.6. Do not provide paid services not covered by the contract without the written agreement of the hospital management of major workplace and Administration.
2.2.7. Do not carry out any political and religious activities in the territory of Angola;
2.2.8. To maintain the safety of tangible assets provided for domestic temporary use; in the case of damage caused by a specialist as a result of improper or negligent use of the equipment provided for use the amount of damages will be deducted from the wages of a specialist;
2.2.9. To comply fully with the requirements of occupational safety, industrial hygiene, occupational health and fire safety under the relevant rules and regulations.

3. Payment Terms
3.1. For the provision of medical services in the Republic of Angola Health Worker receives wages based on the schedule of work and duty in local currency (Kwanza) in the sum of 315 000-00. The minimum salary of a worker in the local currency (Kwanza) is 200 000-00.
3.2. Health Worker is informed and agrees that the beginning of calculation and payment of wages is made from the receipt of referral work from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Angola and until the end of work at the Angolan hospital.
3.3. Health Workers' payment for the time worked is made on the personal account of the health worker, opened in consultation with the Administration, in one of the commercial banks in Angola.
3.4. In the event of unauthorized absence the Health Care worker monthly salary will be charged for each day of absence of 1/30 part of it.

4. Work schedule
4.1. Upon arrival at the work place the health care will be credited to a full-time unit of the local hospital personnel under the travel order.
4.2. The work schedule of Health Worker is determined by the Angolan labor legislation in accordance with the “Regulations on the medical profession”.
4.3. Without the damage to work the Health Worker will be given days off during official holidays of the Republic of Angola, official holidays of the Russian Federation are not included.
4.4. At the expiration of 11 (eleven) months of work in the Republic of Angola the Health Worker is entitled to have 30-days paid leave. Tickets from Angola to the place of residence and back are paid by the Health Worker.

5. Period of validity, amendment and termination of the Contract.
5.1. This Contract shall enter into force upon signature and shall be valid for the entire period of the labor contract concluded with the Angolan Ministry of Health and Administration.
5.2. This Contract may be extended by mutual agreement of the Parties in the following cases:
5.2.1. Prolongation of Health Worker work term in the Republic of Angola;
5.2.2. Transfer of Health Worker to another contract, which provides employment for Administration.
5.3. This Contract may be amended by mutual consent of the Parties in the event of changes in size or procedure of salary payment.
5.4. This Contract may be terminated early by mutual agreement of the Parties.
5.5. Grounds for early termination of the Contract by the Health Worker are:
5.5.1. Failure to comply with the terms of this Contract by the Administration;
5.6. Grounds for early termination of the Contract by the Administration are:
5.6.1. An unsatisfactory result obtained in the exam, or dissatisfaction with the lack of knowledge of the Portuguese language with the Angolan side, expressed in writing.
5.6.2. Unsatisfactory performance of the duties assigned to the Health Worker and stipulated in the contract with the Health of the Republic of Angola;
5.6.3. qualification inconsistencies specified in the submitted documents;
5.6.4. Violation of labor discipline by the Health Worker while working in the health care facility as specified in 2.1. of this Contract;
5.6.5. Violation of laws of the host country and the accepted norms of behavior (including family medical workers);
5.6.6. Changing of political and military situation in Angola or unfunded Angolan side;
5.6.7. Disease of the Health Worker, if the period of incapacity lasts more than 1 month. 5.7. In case of early termination of this Contract, due to the unsatisfactory performance by the Health Worker of assigned duties or violation of labor discipline while working in a health facility referred to in p.2.1. of this Contract, the Health Worker shall compensate the costs of his/her arrival Moscow - Luanda to Medical Administration and costs for a new specialist transfer to the Republic of Angola to replace him/her.

6. Final Provisions.
6.1. All changes and additions to the Contract shall be valid if made in writing and signed by authorized representatives of the Parties.
6.2. In the case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the Parties of their obligations under the Contract, the parties are responsible under the applicable laws of the Republic of Angola.
6.3. Any disputes that may arise between the Parties in connection with this Contract shall be settled by direct negotiations with the healthcare professionals and authorized representatives of the Administration. If the dispute between the parties is not resolved, it shall be settled in accordance with acting legislation.
6.4. All terms of this Contract are confidential and not subject to disclosure.
6.5. In all other cases not provided for by this Contract the Parties shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
6.6. This Contract is made in two copies in Russian, having equal legal force, one for each party.

7. Signatures of the Parties:

Administration: Health Worker:
______________________________ _____________________________
______________________________ _____________________________
______________________________ _____________________________
______________________________ _____________________________
______________________________ _____________________________